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SEGA Announces Superbooths Available Now

Example of a photo template from the Superbooths machine.
Example of a photo template from the Superbooths machine.
SEGA announced in a press release today SUPERBOOTHS, currently on show at the EAG International Expo 2013, is available now and ready for immediate distribution.

This unit takes the photo-booth concept to a whole new level deemed photo-tainment. Superbooths puts you in front of a 'professional photographer' who guides you through a nine-picture photo-shoot, with the whole kit and caboodle - a pumping soundtrack, a flashing light show, and a commercial blower for maximum glamor!

"SuperBooth takes photo-tainment in an entirely new and refreshing direction,... [b]y engaging guests in a way no other photo-tainment product has done before," said Sega General Manager, Peter Gustafson.

"Photo booths have gone in two directions," continued Gustafson, "one that's small, less intrusive, and delivering an experience that's about as much fun as posing at the DMV for your driver's license and another that's filled with a confusing and frustrating menu of choices a guest has to navigate before they can even take a picture. SuperBooth strips all that away delivering a one-of-a-kind interactive experience where guests are entertained and energized, not bored or frustrated."

Guests select from a choice of five photohogs and from five background templates. SEGA can also provide customized photographers and templates based on your brand, location, activity and/or spokesperson/mascot (for a nominal fee). Once the guests have selected a photographer and a template, the photo-shoot begins!

For the next minute and a half the photographer leads you through a series of nine poses, taking nine photos in total. Once the photo-shoot is complete you receive your print outs (8"x6" high quality), and you are given the opportunity to purchase additional print outs, allowing every guests the chance to take home their own photo memory.

Following the units successful test run with top adult entertainment destination chain, Dave & Buster's, the company rolled out a unit to ever one of their locations. "The first time we were introduced to SuperBooth, we felt it would make an excellent addition to our Million Dollar Midway," stated Dave & Buster's Assistant Vice President of Game Strategy, Mike Kane. "SuperBooth delivers a unique form of entertainment providing an important contribution to our entertainment offerings."

The SEGA Superbooths features:
  • DNP RX1 Dye-Sublimation Printers
  • Cannon EOS T3 Camera
  • High Intensity LED Light Panels
  • Commercial-Quality Blower
  • Club-Ready Sound System with Sub-Woofer and Internal/External Speakers
  • Internal and External HD Monitors
  • Optional HD Monitor Topper
  • Large interior capacity allows as many as 8 guests to get in the picture!
  • No Dongle or Factory Controlled Consumables. You'll save thousands of dollars over the life of the product by being able to purchase consumables at your local retail outlet rather than being forced to buy them from the photobooth manufacturer.

If you'd like to check out the machine at play, watch this video, courtesy of SEGA:



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