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Ocean King 2 : Monster's Revenge Available Now!

Ocean King 2 : Monster's Revenge Coming Soon!
Ocean King 2 : Monster's Revenge Coming Soon!
Ocean King 2 : Monster's Revenge has been officially released and is now available! This is exciting news for operators following the success of Ocean King in a variety of locations.

The Ocean King 2 will be available as an 8 player arcade gaming machine and as a PCB Upgrade Kit (Chinese version only at this stage, with announcements on English version to come). If you haven't already bought yourself a fish machine, now is the perfect time to upgrade your location to include this fast-paced and exciting game!

For customer who already have an Ocean King machine or fish hunting cabinet, simply purchase the PCB Upgrade Kit to update your machine to the latest game in the market! The kit includes the game board, IO board, six hopper boards, player instructions and the manual!

The Ocean King 2 : Monster's Revenge is built on the precedent of the original Ocean King's phenomenal success in a wide variety of locations, as it was often the top income earning machine where ever it went, and this follow up offers more content than ever before!

The aim of the game is to catch as many fish as possible, scoring points for a big payout, however players must also face the new BOSS feature of the game, which introduces four new Boss characters that are incredibly hard to kill and can even attack players!

These characters include the Prehistoric Giant Crocodile, the Night Monster, the Overlord Crab, and the Deep Sea Octopus! The game also includes 16 returning characters from the original game, alongside some new characters as well. The game also has a new super size feature to turn low profit fish, such as Clown Fish or Fugu, into high profit fish!

To help players catch the fish and defeat the Boss characters they've been given a whole arsenal of super powerful guns and weapons. These are useful for players competing for high scores and are instrumental for defeating the big characters.

The game has also kept some of the Ocean King original features and added in new mini games and features, such as Battle in the Golden City, which can earn players huge rewards!

Check out the HG catalogue for more information about the 8 player machine and the PCB upgrade kits, and keep watching this space for updates about shipping and English version availabilities!


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