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Oculus Rift Integrates Motion Capture with Organic Motion

Oculus Rift Integrates Motion Capture with Organic Motion
Oculus Rift Integrates Motion Capture with Organic Motion
Motion capture specialist Organic Motion have been testing the notion of using an open stage mocap and the Oculus Rift together to interact with a virtual reality environment.

Open Stage 2 is Organic Motions latest solution that tracks a users body without the n eed for markers. It started as part of a summer intern project, the R&D team crated software that registered forward movement when the user moved their hands backwards and forwards as if they were walking. The project software is being explored as a potential alternative to omni-directional devices such as the Virtuix Omni, WizDish and the Virtuasphere.

The tracking information is augmented to an avatar which is integrated using the Oculus Rift into a test environment. Through this the user can see their virtual body when they look down and certain gestures trigger different movements, such as jumping or grabbing.

The proof of concept videos that have been released to the public are impressive considering the leap between marker-less motion tacking and the mocap suits. In the video below you can watch as the user kicks virtual ball in a virtual reality environment, using his body as the controller.

At the moment the cost of the technology does not provide a consumer solution unfortunately. There are currently hundreds of developers working with the Oculus Rift technology to try and create a consumer solution technology that would allow any development to be marketable to a mainstream audience, but so far there hasn't been much luck, despite a number of incredible and amazing developments.

Video courtesy of Organic Motion:



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