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Placanica - Time to Liberalise!

Placanica � Time to Liberalise!
Placanica � Time to Liberalise!
The decision of the European Court of Justice on the Placanica case was published on 6th March 2007. This decision will mean a lot of changes in the gaming industry in Europe and probably be one of the biggest steps in the direction of liberalising the European gaming market.

According to the decision, bookmakers who have a license in one European Jurisdiction will be able to use it in any other member state. Europe's highest court ruled that Italy couldn't use criminal law to stop gaming companies licensed in other European Union nations, from taking bets in their own country.

Massimiliano Placanica, Christian Palazzese and Angelo Sorrichio Placanica who operated shops in Italy where people could place online bets with Stanley, faced criminal charges under Italian law because Stanley didn't have a local gaming license. Stanley argued all EU countries should recognize its U.K. license.

This ECJ ruling and particular instance of Stanley International, which was already strictly regulated in the UK, it was stated that any requirement that Stanley had to also have an Italian betting licence, before it would be in a position to accept bets from Italian citizens was discriminatory.

The European Court of Justice handled this case under two EU common market principles determining companies' freedom of establishment and to provide services within the European Union.

This ruling may help clarify some of the confusion created by the lack of harmonized gambling rules in Europe. Finding EU-wide agreement on the issue would solve many problems related to online betting. One fact that is certain is that this decision will bring a lot of changes in the European gaming market and Europe will become a much better area of opportunities for operators and investors.

The Placanica decision and its impact will be one of the main topics to be discussed in detail at the Online Gambling Legislation Debate, at IGE, Lake Como - Italy from 30th - 31st May 2007.

Don't miss this opportunity to get more information about this valued ruling from a number of renowned speakers, which are participating. This is a great step forward and everyone should be equally informed about the benefits evolving.


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