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Pop It For Gold X-Treme - New shorter version now available

Pop It For Gold X-Treme
Pop It For Gold X-Treme
Benchmark Games has released a new smaller version of ticket redemption game Pop It For Gold X-Treme. The new version retains the 42" balloon that is the centerpiece of the game and features the same gameplay as the original, all while being much shorter than the original.

The object of the game is to stop the spinning pointer on the 'Instant Balloon Pop' yellow marker and win the Jackpot. If you miss the yellow target and land on either side, you will win tickets and an amount of air will be added to the balloon. If you pump enough air into the balloon and it pops, you win the jackpot.

Features include L.E.D. lights and Intelli-Triple ticket dispensers (holds 36,000 standard tickets), with the unit holding 36 balloons when fully loaded. Pop It For Gold X-Treme is available and shipping now in the new 8.5 foot version as well as the original 11 foot model.


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