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Production Ends for Thunderbirds Pinball Machines

Thunderbirds Pinball's Playfield
Thunderbirds Pinball's Playfield
Originally announced in 2014 by Homepin, production has ended as of December 2020 for Thunderbirds Pinball with the expiry of the license. This makes any remaining machines available the last new machines in the world.

<b>About Thunderbirds Pinball</b>
Thunderbirds Pinball machine is distributed in Australia by Highway
Entertainment and is based on the hugely popular UK science-fiction
television series, lovingly recreated by Homepin as a modern pinball
machine. Unlike other pinball factories, Homepin machines come plug and
play with components such as shaker motors as standard.

Thunderbirds Pinball immerses players in all the action of the
International Rescue Team, featuring authentic character voices and
original music.

The Playfield includes Tracy Island with its retracting swimming pool
and palm trees; just like in the classic 1960s thunderbirds tv series.
Creating a retro look and feel combined with some modern twists. With
the ultimate aim of defeating International Rescues nemisis The Hood,
the multi-game play of this machine makes it suitable for both novice
and experienced players alike.

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