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Raw Thrills Reviving Classic Driving Game With Cruis'n Adventure

Raw Thrills Reviving Classic Driving Game With Cruis'n Adventure
Raw Thrills Reviving Classic Driving Game With Cruis'n Adventure
Almost 20 years has passed since the last Cruis’n driving machine was released in 1999, but Raw Thrills has taken up the challenge of reviving this once popular arcade machine with a fourth entry, Cruis’n Adventure!

The first game to enter the market was Cruis’n USA, which was popular in the 1990s, and was followed by two more entries into the series, Cruis’n World and Cruis’n Exotica. These games became phenomenally popular in arcades and can still be found in the odd location.

Eugene Jarvis, creator of popular classics Defender and Robotron: 2084, and his company Raw Thrills (a US based arcade manufacturer and developer) will tackle the project head on. It makes sense for Raw Thrills to take on the project, as Jarvis also served as the director on the original Cruis'n arcade games during his time at Midway Games.

Arcade Heroes reports that the Cruis’n Adventure test location cabinets are very similar in build to previous Cruis’n series games. Like its predecessors, Cruis’n Adventure focuses on pick-up-and-play simplicity, limiting player input to a gas pedal, a brake pedal, a nitro booster, and three dashboard buttons that control in-game camera angles.

Responding to a request for clarification, Raw Thrills told Arcade Heroes that Cruis’n Adventure is officially licensed by former series publisher Nintendo, and confirms that the sequel is “designed from scratch” with a “completely new engine” compared to previous Raw Thrills games.

Although cabinets have been spotted on test location, no release date has been announced. More updates to come as this story develops.


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