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Redemption is good for Street Operators Too!

Redemption is good for Street Operators Too!
Redemption is good for Street Operators Too!
Frank explained during the show as well as in previous publications;

Redemption is one part of our equipment mix that will make money for years to come. If you buy the right games, take time to select mechandise your customers currently desire, and set your games to pay out a fair amount of tickets, you will most likely be successful.

Many operators are still hesitant to purchase their first redemption game. They feel that a large arcade is the only place where redemption can be successful. This is not the case. Redemption games are so good today that they will attract all age groups and will make money anywhere there are people and a place to redeem tickets for something of value to the customer.

How to setup a redemption centre is also a concern for those who don't realise it's easier than they think. It's true many locations simply don't have the people or the time to bother with redemption tickets. Sometimes it takes a little bit or work on the operator's part to convince locations it's in their best interest to have redemption games, since the games not only earn well, but encourage repeat business.

Fiber optics may hurt our video market in the next few years but the baby bells can't provide redemption games.

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Frank can be contacted through his consultancy company AEM via email Fseninsky@aol.com


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