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Sega Joins Cook & Becker Artists for Limited Edition Set of Classic Games

Sega Joins Cook & Becker Artists for Limited Edition Set of Classic Games
Sega Joins Cook & Becker Artists for Limited Edition Set of Classic Games
Sega joins forces with art distributor Cook & Becker, whose talented artists have created new limited edition prints of some of Sega's most popular classic console and arcade games!

The prints include dedications to Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage, and Shinobi that will feature brand new, original artwork that are now available to purchase. Golden Axe, Shinobi and Streets of Rage are popular games that featured in arcades.

Each of the five prints will be part of a limited run, with the prints all hand-numbered up to 200 copies. The prints each retail at $115 unframed, with measurements of 24″ x 36″ for the final print. The first five prints are all original works by Roman van der Haven (Jet Set Radio), Gerald Parel (Golden Axe), Julien Renoult (Streets of Rage), Emmanuel Malin (Shinobi), and Kilian Eng (Phantasy Star).

But how did such a collaboration come about? Maarten Brands from gallery Cook & Becker explains, "At Cook & Becker we're committed to the visual culture of video games and new digital art. The last couple of years we've worked successfully with top game developers, artists and publishers to release fantastic editions of concept art and designs of some of the best and artistically interesting video games.

If you go back further in history though, there is less high-resolution material available or images have not been archived etc. So we decided to work with the original rights holders and artists working in games and entertainment today - people who grew up with these classics - to make new prints that would capture the feeling of those games. A sort of tribute art so you will but officially licensed and made in conjunction and with direction of the rights holders and people on the original teams if they were still there."

Cook & Becker has previously worked on other game prints, such as The Last of Us, Journey, Okami, and Mass Effect. Their current collaboration with Sega is set to continue with a second limited edition run of prints to release this (US) summer.

The prints from Cook & Becker are available now, which can be purchased here.

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