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Sega Showed Four New Products at AAMA Including Sonic Dash Extreme

Sega Showed Four New Products at AAMA Including Sonic Dash Extreme
Sega Showed Four New Products at AAMA Including Sonic Dash Extreme
Sega showed off four new games during the recent AAMA Gala, including a new video redemption ticket arcade game Sonic Dash Extreme, which is based off the popular mobile app. They also showed the Sonic Blast Ball Mechanical Ticket Redemption and Monkey Claw Prize Crane.

During Sega’s private product presentation held at the AAMA Annual Meeting, the company revealed a portfolio that covers an impressive 27 titles and 34 cabinet configurations that covered a whopping 12 categories! “While preparing the product presentation for the AAMA Annual Meeting, I did a doubletake when I added up our line-up,” said General Manager, Pete Gustafson. “The wide range of excellent choices we’re offering gives us a great deal of relevance with buyers who’ve come to rely on Sega having an extensive array of amusement games for their locations.”

Sega displayed four new games during the AAMA Gala including:

  • Hello Kitty Air Hockey – Introduced in 1975 as a character on a purse, Hello Kitty has grown into a $7 billion dollar franchise. The breath of merchandise proudly carrying this now iconic image is quite simply amazing. You’ll find it on everything from fashion jewelry to pancake makers (that make Hello Kitty-shaped pancakes), apparel to selfie sticks and now an arcade air hockey. Hello Kitty Air Hockey is the only “kid-sized” licensed air hockey on the market. It’s the perfect size for toddlers while still attractive to tweens, teens, young adults and parents with young kids.

  • Sonic Dash Extreme – The graphics are practically life size thanks to a 55” HD monitor. Players control the action using an oversized version of a home console directional pad – an interface that is immediately familiar to today’s players. Multiple worlds and characters from the Sonic franchise ensure plenty of repeat play.

  • Sonic Blast Ball – Fast moving, quick reaction game challenges players to open the drop gates at the top of the playfield at the right time allowing the “Blast Ball” to drop through the bonus hoop for a chance at the 1,000 ticket jackpot!

  • Monkey Claw Prize Crane – Monkey Claw allows for a widest range of claw configurations of any prize crane every built! Operators are able to configure the claw with 1 to 6 arms!

About SEGA Amusements

Serving markets across the globe, SEGA Amusements is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA Corporation, Japan. SEGA Amusements is an industry leader in creating state-of-the-art interactive video, phototainment, self-contained merchandisers, kiddie rides and redemption games. Products range from singleplayer upright video games, to self-contained merchandising games, to multiplayer attendant operated simulators.


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