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Social Gaming Project RivalFly Looking For Support On CrowdFunder

RivalFly is an interesting new social gaming project that was on show at the recent Amusement Expo in Las Vegas. It garnered a bit of interest with the fact that it can turn a locations' television into a competitive, social gaming device and it is currently looking for support on the site CrowdFunder.

So far the project has reached $50,000, which is just 10% of their goal, and with only 59 days left to go it is a precarious situation for the company and project, despite the simplicity and ingenuity of the idea.

Basically, the idea was to create an inclusive mobile gaming platform for hospitality and other similar out-of-home/family orientated venues, such as bars, taverns and RSLs. Visitors to the venue will be able to use any wi-fi compatible device such as their smart phone or tablet, etc. to connect to the venues' RivalFly gaming platform and compete in simple, yet addictive gameplay.

Their CrowdFunder page explains, "Providing locations their own mobile gaming platform, played by their patrons in competition with other patrons, will build location business through longer patron dwell times, more patron return visits and patron loyalty."

RivalFly is a whole system that is quickly and easily installed, and includes games to go with it. It is delivered to the television using a small, easy-to-install HDMI stick that connects to the system using the locations' wi-fi. "RivalFly enables locations to engage its patrons with a new, real-time competitive social gaming experience delivered using their existing televisions."

The TV will display what game is coming up next, a timer counting down to the next game, and profiles of players waiting to play. Players earn points by winning games, which can then be traded for prizes or deals in the RivalFly Points Store, which can also include prizes or vouchers from the venue (known as a Local Deals) as a way to maintain interest and increase return visits! The venue can also use the display and RivalFly system to create quick, on-the-go advertisements which can be altered, removed or added immediately!

RivalFly is free-to-play and compatible with all types of smartphones, tablets, and computers; and visitors won't need to download another app or any software to play - it is all done via wi-fi. The games will appear on both their smartphone/tablet and the television display, so other patrons can watch and cheer them on as they watch the scores build in real-time!

The RivalFly game list includes: Super Racing, Slice the Fruits, Penalty Mania, Midnight Skate, Flap Fight, and Basketball. Gameplay lasts for around one minute and results will be displayed on the individual devices, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd displayed on the television.

Ther RivalFly team is lead by CEO/Founder Allen Marrison, Founder Rich Babich, Founder Albert Goodman, COO Chi Babich, and CTO Lucas McFeature. So far, the project has secured four major distributors after months of live testing in locations.

This exciting and innovative system would be a fantastic addition to any pub, club or family tavern style location! So far it appears to only be in the US, but this would work well in countries outside the US as well. Keep an eye on this space for updates.

To learn more about RivalFly, watch the below video:


Social Gaming Project RivalFly Looking For Support On CrowdFunder        


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