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Specular Interactive and Raw Thrills Reveal Batman Driving Arcade Game!

The Batman driving arcade cabinet
The Batman driving arcade cabinet
The latest addition to the Batman franchise is a driving arcade cabinet from Specular Interactive and Raw Thrills. However, this time round there is a strong focus on the Batmobile as opposed The Bat himself.

The game, which appears to be based on the highly successful movies, has been revealed on the Raw Thrills website with all new details and a full picture of the final production model of the cabinet that features the famous Bat symbol as the LED lighted marquee.

The Batman Driving Arcade Machine features:

  • 10 Batmobiles to choose from - with so much choice players will keep coming back to test drive all their favorite Batmobiles as seen in the franchise over the years!

  • A grand total of 36 missions - these missions range from EASY to HARD, allowing players and fans of all skill levels to play the game and have fun. Plus, the game features some aerial missions featuring the Batwing.

  • 3 unique, cinematic Boss Battles - the boss battles will challenge players and their knowledge of the game, and will hopefully feature some of Batman's most frightening nemeses (fingers crossed!).

  • There are 6 awesome power-ups - power-ups give players more to do during game play and can turn the tides in a players favor when things start to look dire. These power-ups include the most famous of Bat-tools, the Batarang, as well as Jump Jet, Cannon, Drone, Missiles and a Battering Ram!

  • A player account system - this system allows players to keep a personal account to track their progress through the game and save high scores! This feature is starting tom become more common in arcade machines and encourages continued and repeat play in visitors.

  • Custom Batman-style steering wheel - the steering wheel is custom designed for the cabinet, and resembles the style of wheel often found in the Batmobiles. It also features triggers for easy weapon launching.

  • Custom Batman-shaped seat - the cabinet seat is shaped just the infamous Bat, allowing players to really immerse themselves in the feel of the game.

  • Massive glowing Bat emblem Marquee - the marquee is a giant glowing Bat emblem that towers above the player. Players can imagine the Bat signal, high in the sky, calling on them to save Gotham!

  • Over 500 color-shifting LED lights.

The machine is set to be made available in November. Watch this space for more updates!

News via Raw Thrills.


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