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Stanley Putz Debuts at ASI

Stanley Putz Debuts at ASI
Stanley Putz Debuts at ASI
R3 Interactive's Stanley series of redemption games are aimed at a broad age group. Offering simple, fun gameplay, and exciting and humorous animated attract and end game sequences, the series is already attracting great interest from players and operators alike. Stanley is a fun and instantly identifiable fellow, who throughout the series of the games will find himself in all kinds of unusual and humorous situations.


In his first adventure, Stanley plays a bomb disposal expert who must diffuse a series of ticking time bombs. Some dastardly fiend has rigged the device to restart each time it is defused.To make matters worse, after each third success, the random disarming code of three musical notes with an associated colored light, increases in complexity. Does Stanley have the brainpower to overcome the despicable plot of the bomb's inventor, or will he end up as nothing more than a pile of old cartoon character rubble - only time will tell...

Careful Stanley, the clock's ticking.


The dangers of bomb disposal were too much for our luckless hero Stanley and he decided a career change was in order. Something a little less adventurous preferably. Thankfully he was able to secure a job as the caretaker of an old run down factory. But alas, it seems that Stanley isn't the only one interested in a location that offers some privacy. A group of rascally young monsters have converted the factory into a Boogie Monster making operation. It's up to Stanley to stop the ghastly ghoulies from succeeding in their dastardly deeds. Four giant chemical vats wait to be filled. The Boogie Monster mold waits below. A procession of young monsters is emptying buckets of supernatural ooze into the four vats. Below them, Stanley rushes about pulling emergency release valves. If he fails, and any one of the vats fills up, then the Boogie Monster will most assuredly get him. Sweet dreams Stanley...

Don't let the Boogie Monster bite.


Perhaps the country life can offer Stanley the chance to relax a little. Relocating to the quiet, peaceful life of the farmer he has settled into a cozy cottage set amongst the rolling hills of the mid-west where he tends to his cows. But Stanley couldn't have suspected that from across the vastness of space, envious eyes had spotted his grazing herd, and were drawing up plans to get them. Sure enough, Stanley is awoken by a bright light one night to discover a fleet of flying saucers, looking like something out of an awful 50's B-movie, stealing his cows. Grabbing his shotgun he heads out to stop the inter-planetary poachers. At first he findsthe going easy. Those darn alien cattle rustlers obviously weren't expecting to come across a buckshot shooting Stanley. But soon, the waves of saucers get faster. Where at first there were only two or three, suddenly there are five or six. And it looks like cows aren't the only target for the spinning saucers. If they succeed in getting the cows, then sure enough they'll be coming for him next. Keep an eye on the stars Stanley...

Or you'll be having a real close encounter.

Time Bomb, Monster Mush, and Cow Encounters are available in cabinets and kits. For information on these games please go to www.lazertron.com or (very soon) visit our products section.


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