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Suzo Happ Buys Transcity Group, While Electrosonic Aquisitions Global Immersion

Suzo Happ Buys Transcity Group, While Electrosonic Aquisitions Global Immersion
Suzo Happ Buys Transcity Group, While Electrosonic Aquisitions Global Immersion
Today I received two stories, both about companies buying out other companies, and merging their forces to try and move forward in to the future. This week both Suzo Happ and Electrosonic have completed the final phases of their acquisitions of Transcity Group and Global Immersion.

Suzo-Happ has completed the acquisition of Transcity Group Pty. Ltd. who are a specialist electronics company providing design, manufacturing and repair of hardware and software, as well as replacement parts within the gaming and wagering industry. Transcity is based in Melbourne, Australia, and has facilities in Macau, China, Sydney, the Philippines and Cambodia.

"Adding Transcity's capabilities to our portfolio expands not only our gaming product design and manufacturing offering in key growth markets, but brings to our team a truly outstanding group of seasoned industry experts on the cutting edge of product innovation and customer service delivery," said James Brendel, President and CEO of Suzo-Happ.

"We are excited to join the Suzo-Happ organization and be an integral part of a global company that provides such a great platform for expanding our relationships with key customers throughout the region," said Geoff McDowell, Managing Director of Transcity.

"The ability to offer Suzo-Happ's products throughout the region and add their global supply-chain infrastructure will only increase our ability to serve our customers," said David McNair, Sr. VP of Operations at Transcity.

Suzo-Happ execs boast that Transcity's capabilities are "unmatched in Australasia with their product development and built-to-order services together with their distribution reach and workshop services for product support." Transcity's management team will remain in place to continue to serve its customers and expand relationships in the market.

Electrosonic also announced this week that it has completed the final phase of its previously announced Global Immersion acquisition. The Global Immersion team of digital giant screen cinema and planetarium experts is now part of Electrosonic’s Entertainment business. It will operate under the Electrosonic brand and a new website is being implemented that highlights Electrosonic’s immersive theatre solutions.

“The acquisition of Global Immersion in 2012 provided Electrosonic with a talented team of professionals with deep experience in the giant screen and planetarium markets,” says Jim Bowie, President of Electrosonic Group. “They have helped expand our range of markets serviced, and ensured that Electrosonic continues to build on its reputation of delivering the best visual systems in the world. We look forward to providing exceptional value and innovation to the giant screen and planetarium markets as they transition to digital systems and expand the range of content that can be displayed.”

Electrosonic delivers an extensive range of services to the immersive theatre market, including planning, design, integration, specialist media and software, and maintenance. Electrosonic offers a comprehensive immersive media and show library to ensure that theaters have access to the best content. Electrosonic also offers tailored support services to meet each theatre’s unique operational requirements, and includes a 24/7 network operations center and a cost-effective projector lamp replacement program.

News via Replay Magazine and the DNA Association.


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