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Tekken 7 Will Appear at Remaining US Events Following Car Theft

Tekken 7 Will Appear at Remaining US Events Following Car Theft
Tekken 7 Will Appear at Remaining US Events Following Car Theft
Last month, it was reported that Mark Julio, Community Manager at Madcatz - the company organizing the Tekken 7 US events - had been robbed during a car break-in and the keys for Tekken 7 had been stolen.

Following the theft there were concerns that some US events would have to be skipped, however, much to the relief of US fans Namco has come to the rescue and it has been confirmed that Tekken 7 will appear at remaining US events.

Tekken 7 will continue it's tour, starting in Texas next weekend. Mark Julio has tweeted that Tekken 7 will be at the Texas Showdown event, a big fighting game tournament that is happening next weekend.

Mark Julio also mentioned that Texas Showdown will be getting an updated version of Tekken 7, which will include the likes of Jin, Devil Jin, Josie Rizal & Gigas - the four update characters to the game so far. The arcade version originally only launched with 20 playable characters, but with the addition of these characters there are now 24 playable characters in total.

The good news continues as Tekken 7 will also be making its way to the Combo Breaker tournament in Chicago. This event is being held on May 22nd until May 24th.

This is a great relief for all parties involved and especially awesome news for fans who will now get to play the newest characters to the series, Josie Rizal and Gigas, as well the improved Jin Kazama and Devil Jin. Hopefully this means we will also get more footage or screenshots of the newest characters in action!

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