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Tekken 7 Arcade Release Date and Updates Announced

Tekken 7 Arcade Cabinet
Tekken 7 Arcade Cabinet
Just because we haven't had enough up and coming titles to be excited about, here's another one: Bandai Namco Games has announced an arcade release date for Tekken 7, plus they have announced updates about the game as well as revealing the dedicated Tekken 7 cabinet as well!

Last we heard, this game was in testing locations, now the arcade release date has been confirmed for February/March 2015! This is exciting news for arcade lovers and Tekken fans everywhere, and to add to this excitment, details about the new game have also been confirmed.

The game will have next-gen graphics and be in full HD, with new characters and stages for players to enjoy, and even more characters and stages will be added through updates. Some of the new stages will have breakable walls and floors, as well as other fun gimmicks.

For those wanting to play online in the arcade, there will be "local vs." matches with machines near you or you can play against any other machine in Japan. Though for online there will be ‘peak times’ to play that will grow as it gains popularity with players.

There is also a cool new battle system called “Rage Arts” that can make all the difference in a battle. There is also talk that players will be able to return an enemy’s attack with a new counter attack called “power crush”, just to make things more interesting (this still needs to be confirmed). Tekken 7 will also include “dan” or blackbelt ranks again and there are some fun player features too. Players can make their own unique titles and can also make teams and build your team level.

They are also expanding the number of free services in order to help build a real community, including player registration, customization options, etc., and fighting with your player card will allow you to level it up and get various rewards.

More updates will come as translation from Japan roll in or information is released. At this stage, the arcade release seems to only be for Japan, and when or if this game will be released for the West is yet to be determined.

News and Images via: n4g, dualshockers, readersgambit.

Tekken 7 Arcade Release Date and Updates Announced Tekken 7 Arcade Release Date and Updates Announced      
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