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Tekken 7 Data Leak Reveals More Characters

Tekken 7 Data Leak Reveals More Characters
Tekken 7 Data Leak Reveals More Characters
Tekken 7 has been officially released in Japan and North America, and hot on the heels of the release comes a data leak including some screenshots that reveals more characters. These characters include Jin Kazama, Devil Jin, and an unknown female fighter; plus another screenshot, although it is unclear if what we're seeing that shot is a fighter or a costume for an existing character.

These screenshots showcase the beautifully crafted graphics that the developers at Namco have for Devil Jin and Jin Kazama’s character models. As expected, Devil Jin maintains the sinister horns, dark angel wings and flame pants; while Jin Kazama (good Jin) has had some changes to his appearance - the colour uses a darker maroon now with some details of golden flame and new boots to replace his generic sneakers - however he still maintains his signature flame pants and hooded jacket combo.

The new female character looks pretty innocent. She has dark features and wears a flowing gold top that bares her midriff, a blue short skirt, knee high roman-style sandals, and a cute red headband that is reminiscent of bunny ears. The embellisments on her top and skit, as well as the choker, suggests something very gypsy-ish and the clothes have a small-village-girl style to them. It will be interesting to see her backstory when it becomes available.

The fourth character from the data leak is a giant, red, hulking robo-guy with tubes connecting everywhere. There is some speculation that he may not be an actual character in the game, but a costume. Again, it will be interesting to see what the story is for this character, if he is a character.

There has been no official word from Bandai Namco Games as of yet.


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