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Tekken 7 Released Today and Final Boss Revealed!

Kazumi Mishima is the Final Boss in Tekken 7, Released Today
Kazumi Mishima is the Final Boss in Tekken 7, Released Today
The highly anticipated Tekken 7 arcade game will be released and hitting arcades in Japan today! Not only that, but the final boss for T7 has been revealed!

With the release of the game into arcades, there is bound to be a tonne of information that will be hitting the internet very shortly, with all sorts of new details about the game, characters and improvements. Harada confirmed before release, after a comment was made to him on Twitter about Lucky Chloe's improvements since JAEPO, that all characters in T7 have been improved - hopefully we will hear more about this soon.

However, the most exciting news so far comes from a number of media outlets now, revealing Kazumi Mishima as the final boss! This is what we know so far:

  • Her character intro pose has her entering the battle on her pet tiger, which is also some kind of familiar that Kazumi can summon and use as a projectile in the match.
  • Her fight has two phases: one in her normal white outfit and the next her clothing changes to all black and she gets dark feathers, described as a dark pheonix.
  • She has the basic Mishima 1,1,2 and 1,2,2 moves, and Jinpachi's floating u/f+3+4 however it's not known right now if she has follow ups to it
  • Also has a move that's similar to Jinpachi's d/b+2,1. (Low, high)
  • Her Devil form can fly and has lazer attacks.

It was believed that Kazumi Mishima died years ago at the hands of Heihachi, this being the reason Kazuya is angry and hates his father. The fact that she is the end boss for the game suggests one or two things: she has come back from the dead, or, she never died in the first place. Either way, for her to be the final boss in what is supposed to be the final showdown in the series means she is going to be one tough mother to beat.

Can't wait to see what players have to say about her as a character and boss. Watch this space for more updates.


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