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The Last Starfighter - Cabinet and game recreated by Rogue Synapse

Starfighter Arcade Machine
Starfighter Arcade Machine
Rogue Synapse has recreated the arcade cabinet from the Last Starfighter, including software modeled on the game featured in the popular movie. The recreation is part of Rogue Synapses' aim to complete a series of unique cabinets and software that encompass some of the arcade machines that were seen in movies, however never actually existed. The Last Starfighter movie featured a Starfighter arcade machine; however this machine was never put into production.

The game itself is playable under MAME, and is available to download for free to the public. Rogue Synapse have also released detailed schematics of the arcade cabinet for anyone interested in building their own.

Other projects undertaken so far by Rogue Synapse include Space Paranoids, as featured in Tron; Graboids as featured in Tremors 2 and 3; and Bishop of Battle as geatured in Nightmares.


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