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The Latest Tekken Release Goes Back To Old Roots For Game Story With "the Mishima Saga".

The Latest Tekken Release Goes Back To Old Roots For Game Story  With "the Mishima Saga".
The Latest Tekken Release Goes Back To Old Roots For Game Story With "the Mishima Saga".
For most of us fighting fans, story is an important factor and the lore surrounding the game or series is a major pulling factor. Games such as Mortal Kombat and BlazBlue continue to maintain an immense focus on story and often offer an elaborate story mode which ends up being more like a movie or visual novel. The Tekken series is no exception, since Tekken 1 we have been presented with CG animated endings which have now been expanded to animated scenes throughout the story mode. Tekken 7 will see the inclusion and return to the Mishima story line which has had a long history in the Tekken series.

So what is the Mishima story line? The main story, or lore for Tekken is the Mishima Saga, the continuing and endless feud between generations of Jin's Bloodline (father vs son, grandson vs grandfather, great grandfather vs great grandson and so forth). Despite inconsistencies and discrepancies in the portrayal of Jin and Kazuya, Heichachi has constantly been a compelling villain. He was an terrible father to Kazuya, a two-faced, backstabbing grandfather to Jin, and he also imprisoned his own father, Jinpachi, for several decades. Apparently he was a bad husband too, as over the course of the series it’s often implied that Heihachi killed Kazuya’s mother.

The first Tekken made Kazuya the character to love as you would see him go from hero to villian to anti-hero, and even though he was *spoiler alert* killed off in Tekken 2, he made a triumphant return from the grave in Tekken 4. The Mishima bloodline always took center stage in Tekken, however recent editions of the game have gone rather absurd (and perhaps haphazard) with the inclusion of Jinpach the great patriarch of the Mishima clan who is somehow still alive and will the longstanding hero Jin Kazama's turn to the darkside. From Tekken 5 onward it became clear that the feud between the Mishima clan had ran its course and was in need of resolution. However, with the extended Tekken 7 reveal trailer at ComicCon 2014 (which only focused on the story), the Mishima family feud and antics take the spotlight once more.

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