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UNIS Releases New Kiddie Game: Super Big Rig

UNIS Releases New Kiddie Game: Super Big Rig
UNIS Releases New Kiddie Game: Super Big Rig
UNIS is currently promoting their new family-focused kiddie game, Super Big Rig, which is a new video redemption arcade machine where parents and kids can play together!

The game offers kids a chance to drive a big rig with their parent at their side. The company says that this attention-grabbing piece the perfect standout addition for any location and has been pulling in super earnings.

With a large steering wheel, super loud truck horn, and 32” arcade monitor, kids will be drawn in from all across the floor! Plus, it features a microphone, allowing players to vocally command the big rig as well, creating an innovative and unique game play experience.

Super Big Rig shows all the signs of being a great family game: simple, attention-grabbing and allows the whole family to enjoy the experience. Not to mention, it has already proven itself to be a profit-making machine.

At a location in the Northeast, the factory said the game's ROI came in at 12 weeks, and it made $2,055 operating as a video in a month. In a location in the Northwest, it made $323 a week operating as a ticket redemption piece with a 17 percent prize payout.

The Super Big Rig from UNIS is going to be a popular addition during the exhibition season and looks to be making waves in video redemption already.


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