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UNIS Unveils 8 Player Theatre Ride Galactic Force

UNIS Unveils 8 Player Theatre Ride Galactic Force
UNIS Unveils 8 Player Theatre Ride Galactic Force
With the increasing popularity of motion theatres, UNIS unveils their latest 2015 release game: an 8 player, motion theatre shooting ride, titled Galactic Force.

Multiplayer interactive motion theaters - also known as 5D theatres (6D, 7D, etc.), dark rides, or, shooting rides - have increased in popularity in recent years and are quickly becoming an expected attraction at theme parks and large entertainment centres.

Universal Space Amusements is now their own mark to this area of amusement with their first title called Galactic Force. Galactic Force, like many interactive motion theatre ride experiences, uses a gun setup and is designed as a 8 player arcade gun game, and it includes added effects to create a unique ride experience.

The physical setup features a motion base that seats 8 players, similar to a roller coaster seating, with 4 players in each row. Each seat has a back-lit dual handed gun mechanism and the screen is a large curved projector creen, instead of the usual stereoscopic 3D screen. Other effects are limited as far as we know at the moment, with some wind effects provided by fans at the base.

The game itself is a sci-fi flying shooter, with much of the lanscape looking like it has come straight out of the James Cameron epic, Avatar, but with loads of dragons. The game is surprisingly long, going for around 6 mins whereas most games for these rides are about 3 mins; it also has a To Be continued… at the end.

The basic idea appears to be that players must shoot at falling rocks, obstacles and the many, many dragons that get in your way as the aircraft attempts to navigate the hostile, alien (although very pretty) terrain.

You can can check out the game play footage below:

And you can also see what it's like inside the theatre and see people actually playing the game:

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UNIS Unveils 8 Player Theatre Ride Galactic Force        
Galactic Force by UNIS        


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