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Updates on Modelez Cradbury and Stacks of Snacks Australia Licensing Deal

Updates on Modelez Cradbury and Stacks of Snacks Australia Licensing Deal
Updates on Modelez Cradbury and Stacks of Snacks Australia Licensing Deal
Last month we reported that Mondelez, creator of the Cradbury crane machines, had entered into a new licensing deal with Stacks of Snacks, an Australian franchise. Following the announcement, we have further updates and answers for frequently asked question regarding this latest licensing period.

Q - If I just remove all of the Cadbury logos from my machines does this make them ok to show in public?
A - Mondelez has trademarks and copyrights on not just the word Cadbury but on all of its brands and even some of the unwrapped pieces. In the market currently are machines which display decals depicting images of the small bars. These were produced for and by Win N Grin under a previous agreement. All the decals produced for the Win N Grin machines are outdated and need to be replaced, regardless of their age. This is to be actioned by July 3rd. To get authority to use new approved graphics you need to have signed an agreement with either Stacks of Snacks or with Mondelez.

Q - I bought my machine secondhand off another operator and never signed an agreement do I have to do anything?
A - Yes. As of July 3rd to use decals that depict Mondelçz owned brands you will have needed to have been entered into an agreement with either SoS or Mondelez that provides the authority to use those images on your machines.

Q - I just replaced all of my decals recently. If they are in good condition can I just get an agreement signed and keep them on?
A - Unfortunately no. The logos and images used on these decals have been updated. They need to be replaced with new decals that have been developed and approved by Mondelez.

Q - Why do I need to sign an agreement?
A - The logos and brands of a company are some of its most important assets. Companies spend millions of dollars annually to support their brands in the market. A signed agreement with Stacks of Snacks or with Mondelez contains the necessary conditions that enable Mondelez to be satisfied that their brands, images and trademarks are protected from misuse.

Thanks to NAMOA for forwarding the updates. If you have any further questions or queries regarding your crane machine and the new licensing arrangement, please contact your state association or the NAMOA board for further information.


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