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VR arcade cabinet to debut at Japan Amusement Expo

Koei Tecmo Wave's VR Sense will debut at JAEPO 2017
Koei Tecmo Wave's VR Sense will debut at JAEPO 2017
Koei Tecmo Wave, the developer behind the popular Dynasty Warrior consumer game franchise, is set to unveil a new addition to the virtual reality market at Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) 2017.

JAEPO 2017, to be held February 10-12, allows industry professionals and the public to see and test out the latest in arcade equipment and other amusement attractions.

Koei Tecmo Wave will unveil VR Sense at JAEPO.

VR Sense is a pay-per-use enclosed cabinet that allows a player to don a VR headset and play games.

But that's not all.

The machine incorporates a "multifunction 3D seat" and immersive technology that emulates motion, heat, cold, mist, wind and more.

The cabinet is designed to stimulate every sense of the player (minus taste) and can even generate smells to match the player's current virtual environment.

The machine is designed with arcades in mind and will surely be a novel attraction in Japan.

VR Sense will be debuted with three playable games: GI Jockey Sense, where players race horses; Horror Sense, a zombie game that adds the frightening sensation of bugs crawling across the players skin and critters running across the floor; and Dynasty Warrior, the VR adaptation of the company's long-time medieval battle franchise.

The cabinet is scheduled to released later in 2017. Pricing and other details have yet to be announced.


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