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VRcade and EMP's Nightmare Machine to Showcase in Seattle, October 2014!

VRcade and EMP's Nightmare Machine to Showcase in Seattle, October 2014!
VRcade and EMP's Nightmare Machine to Showcase in Seattle, October 2014!
This Halloween, VRcade and EMP are teaming up to release the world’s first virtual reality haunted house this October, 2014, and will showcase in Seattle. The virtual reality scare game is titled The Nightmare Machine and tickets for this event are available via Kickstarter.

The Nightmare Machine is the world's first immersive virtual reality haunted house experience. Four players (or should that be victims?) will enter the lab of a mad scientist, Dr. Virago, where your head and face will be fitted with our own custom nightmare-inducing device. From that point on, you will be immersed in the world of Dr. Virago, where he will subject you to a series of 3-4 nightmares. The full experience lasts for a terrifying 5 minutes.

In their release, VRcade describes the game: "This is not a typical haunted house, where actors have to abide by rules and regulations. You are in a new world now, where truly anything is possible, there are no barriers, and there are no limits to the horrors that will unfold before your eyes. There is no way to escape The Nightmare Machine!"

The Nightmare Machine is built to be experienced exclusively on the VRcade platform and is a second attempt after last year's haunted mansion machine, built to celebrate Halloween. Howther the project had to be dropped due to time constraints and funding.

However, 2014 the team has gone all out, saying "We decided to create an experience to demonstrate the power of our system in a brand new way. For the entire month of October, Seattle will be the first city in the world to experience VRcade's platform as it powers The Nightmare Machine, an intense horror experience, hosted at the iconic EMP Museum."

The features of the Nightmare Machine include:

  • 1st Haunted House in the world with fully immersive VR.
  • Wireless head-mounted display and audio.
  • Experience the horror with up to 3 friends or family.
  • Multiple nightmares to experience.

Check out the Kickstarter page and grab your tickets for The Nightmare Machine, here. Pricing: USD$25 for weekday, $35 for weekend.

News via: DNA Association and VRcade.
Images and Video via: VRcade


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