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XYDONIA: A '90s Arcade Shmup Featuring Legendary Composers from Japan

XYDONIA: A '90s Arcade Shmup Featuring Legendary Composers from Japan
XYDONIA: A '90s Arcade Shmup Featuring Legendary Composers from Japan
Thanks to Jason Napolitano for the tip.

Breaking Bytes is thrilled to announce that its 2D side-scrolling shoot-'em-up, XYDONIA, is now on Kickstarter for funding, with which they hope to lure in some of Japans’ most legendary composers.

Inspired by beloved shmup franchises that include Gradius, R-Type, Darius and Thunder Force, XYDONIA is a return to the golden age of the shmup genre with its hardcore '90s arcade-style gameplay, unique cast of pilots (each with their own custom ship), and a killer soundtrack by Breaking Bytes and shmup legends Shinji Hosoe (Dragon Spirit, Under Defeat, Otomedius) and Keishi Yonao (Mad Stalker, Strania) powered by the Yamaha YM2151+Sega PCM sound chip, which you may recognize as the "big brother" of the FM sound chip of the Genesis/Mega Drive, used in most arcade machines of the '80s and '90s.

"It's great to see that the shmup genre has found new fertile ground on Steam," comments Breaking Bytes Art Director Walter Samperi. "XYDONIA aims to bring the hardcore arcade experience, both in gameplay and style, to modern standards, while keeping it genuine. Spelunky is one of the most balanced modern arcade experiences, and XYDONIA takes inspiration from this philosophy, emphasizing the same short-burst type of play from R-Type, Darius or Thunder Force and mixing that with Spelunky's long-term replayability and secrets."

XYDONIA takes place in the year 30XX, where technology has made space travel commonplace. However, the legacy of planet XYDONIA's inhabitants still remains a mystery to this day. Countless adventurers and opportunists have ventured in search of the remains of this ancient civilization and its homeworld, but none of them returned. Now it's time to uncover Xydonia's coordinates and discover its darkest secrets for yourself.

Kickstarter backers will get a copy of the game for just 10€ (a 33% discount from retail), while higher tiers will include rewards such as the soundtrack, backers' personal likenesses featured in the game, and contributing to the design of enemies, bosses, or even a new playable character.

If funding exceeds the nominated amount and they reach their stretch goals, the team will be looking to bring on Ayako Saso whose works include Tekken, Street Fighter Ex, Galaxian 3, Mega Man Network Transmission, Battle Garegga, Raiden IV and more. As well as Yousuke Yasui whose work includes Under Defeat, DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou, Karous, Omega Five and more!

XYDONIA is planned for release on PC in 2017 with other platforms to be added as Kickstarter stretch goals are reached.

Key features of the game include:

  • A return to the golden age of shmups with hardcore '90s arcade action
  • Hand-drawn 2D visuals and unique character designs
  • Each pilot has their own ship, subweapon, and secret reason for seeking planet XYDONIA
  • A killer YM2151+Sega PCM soundtrack with shmup legends Shinji Hosoe and Keishi Yonao
  • Multiple paths of destruction for extended replayability and challenge
  • Customize each playthrough with different equipment and assist characters
  • A unique "scavenge" system that allows purchasing of upgrades on repeat playthroughs

Watch the Xydonia trailer below:

To support the project, head to their Kickstarter page:


About Breaking Bytes

Breaking Bytes is an independent game development team based in Italy. Founded in 2013 by artist Walter Samperi and programmer Dario Fantini, the team is currently hard at work on their first title, XYDONIA, a love letter to '90s arcade shmups from Japan which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

XYDONIA: A '90s Arcade Shmup Featuring Legendary Composers from Japan XYDONIA: A '90s Arcade Shmup Featuring Legendary Composers from Japan      
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