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Zero Latency VR Center Opened in Melbourne

Zero Latency VR Center Opened in Melbourne
Zero Latency VR Center Opened in Melbourne
Zombies and VR - an apocalypse survivalist dream come true! This past weekend, Australia's first virtual reality game centre, Zero Latency, has opened in Melbourne. The operation uses the Oculus Rift DK2 headset, which transports players into an immersive world where your mission is to fend off hoards of zombies.

Director Tim Ruse and his team spent three years researching, developing and funding (including a grant from Film Victoria) to launch Zero Latency, which is takes up a 400 square metre warehouse space and is covered in a white grid pattern, fitted out with 129 PlayStation Eye camera!

Zero Latency offers players a free-roam, physical gaming experience: “Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game. Where your body is the controller. And your mind believes it’s real,” reads the website.

Players will be armed with a rifle and a backpack, which houses an Alienware Alpha PC inside that renders the virtual world seen through your Oculus headset. Players must then navigate through the physical space to target and kill zombie attackers who come at you from all direction.

As you'll see in the video at the bottom, players will be fully immersed in the environment and their guns will emit a red laser to help players aim at targets.

The rifle players will be using has 3 modes:

  • Assault Mode: Full auto mayhem with a pump action grenade launcher. Grenades are limited, so apply sparingly to the infected.

  • Shot Gun Mode: Pump action shotgun for brutal close-quarters combat. Hit your enemy pretty much anywhere for one shot kills.

  • Sniper Mode: Pop up your scope and take out enemies at range. Pump to reload. Repeat.

And the gun has 4 buttons you need to be aware of, including:

  • Trigger: Point, pull, kill. Easy.

  • Reload: Press once to reload. It will take a few seconds, you’ll hear it reload and see the clip drop away. Don’t spam it, as it will only take longer and every second counts when a horde is bearing down on you.

  • Mode Select: This cycles through the gun modes.

  • Slide Pump: This loads a grenade, shotgun shell or sniper round depending on the mode selected.

Sessions will be run on Saturdays and Sundays all day and on some evenings during the week. The center will also be opening during the day for peak times, such as holidays and during events such as PAX. These guys are probably going to be pretty books for a while, so if you want to go any time soon you may want to go check out their booking availabilities ASAP!

Zero Latency promises a thrilling and immersive experience, and best of all - without the motion sickness! The company tested approximately 400 players before launching and only 1 player out of 400 experienced motion sickness, so the experience is also quite seamless.

Zero Latency is located at 22-32 Steel St, North Melbourne. Players must 13 years and older and each player must signs waiver. Each game session goes for about an hour, and costs $88 per player with the option to go solo or in teams of up to six. You can book online or find out more information here.



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