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Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA) 2021

Hours & Event Dates :

Monday 10th May, 2021.
Tuesday 11th May, 2021.
Wednesday 12th May, 2021.

Where :

China Import and Export Fair Complex

Categories :

Amusement, Gaming, Conference
China’s first amusement & tourism trade show since the pandemic has come for this August 3rd-5th, at China Import & Export Fair Complex! Overcoming all obstacles from the pandemic, 2020 Asia Amusement & Attraction Expo (AAA) managed to bring together 1000+ Exhibitors and 21300+ Buyers on a 60,000 Sq.m Show Floor.

Overseas Industry Leaders Sent Their Blessings
Unable to attend the show in person, many of our overseas supporters have sent their congratulations in form of video nevertheless, such as Mr. Noble Coker, Chief Simian of Apex Parks & Entertainment Services (APES), Mrs. Haniye Aslani, International Department Manager of Amtech Expo and etc.

Mr. Igor Rodionov, Vice-President of RAAPA, enthused in his e-mail that the organizer was “doing a great job” holding AAA 2020 in this special period, which would certainly “enable the revive of the amusement industry”.

Helping Insiders Seize Post-Pandemic Opportunities in All Related Sectors!
To grab front-row opportunities as Asian countries reopening their economies, leading players like, Kompan (Denmark), Entre-prises (France), Delta Strike (New Zealand), RÖDER Architecture (Germany), NITTO FUN, Funlandia, Keatoo, GOOEST, Kim Mung Hung, MACROWN, Edle Technology, Lepai, Daxin, Dalang, Sealy, and etc. have all secured a place at AAA 2020.

New Changes in the Industry Due to the Pandemic

Increased Focus on Delivering Safe Visiting Experience
As attractions, amusement parks, water parks, play centers, FECs and etc. were reopening nationwide, many operators were planning to introduce to their sites self-service kiosks, better sanitization equipment, visitors reservation systems, contactless game solutions, and etc. to assure a safe and happy visiting experience for their customers.

Developing New Products During Shutdown
Making full use of the lockdown, many exhibitors have developed new products as well. For instance, Ludaoshe, an expert builder of creative metal sculptures, debuted their ginormous mechanical white tiger statue at the show.

“Looking at this dynamic crowd on the show floor, we can see that the amusement market is really coming back, and AAA 2020 has been an excellent launching pad for our new product after the pandemic,” said Ludaoshe.

New Comers Betting on Amusement Market
The pandemic has driven new comers to the industry, too. Seeing winter themed recreation becoming a boom, Sanzhen Refrigeration, originally an air conditioner exporter, decided to further their reach in the amusement market with their snow machines.

“The pandemic has taken its toll on our air conditioner business, but luckily the amusement market has given us some relief. As a freshman in this industry, we have made many new friends at the show. Can’t wait to attend the next one!” said Sanzhen Refrigeration.

Online Matchmaking Bridged Worldwide Businesses
Attracting buyers from India, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, UAE, Malta, Pakistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and etc., our First-Ever Online Matchmaking Program, set to connect global buyers and suppliers amid the ongoing pandemic, has witnessed plenty cross-border cooperation reached during the show.

Participating exhibitors like Wahlap, Arccer Amusement, Unique Animation, MECPOWER, Liben Group, Domerry, Longcheng Electronic, Caiyun Inflatable, Elephant Sculpture, Jains Railway, and etc. have expressed high appraise to our in-time and innovative service, and great interest in joining the next show.

85 Experts Advisors Contributed to Attracting Professional Buyers
To engage insiders across the board, AAA 2020 has established the first advisor panel, a call responded by 85 industry leaders, such as Polin Waterparks, SUNAC, Guangzhou Panyu Animation & Game Association, Golden Dragon, UNIS, Kaiqi Group, Juma, and so forth.

Thanks to their staunch support, the show has successfully attracted many quality buyers like Walt Disney Imagineering, Chimelong Group, Alpha Group, China Tourism Group, Sunriver, Orient Landscape, Evergrande, Vanke, Poly Group, Jinmao, Logan Group, and so on.

2020 World Culture & Tourism Conference (WCTC)
The importance of tourism digitalization has never been made so evident as in this critical period. WCTC 2020 invited 30+ Trendsetters from leading trade associations, enterprises, and state agencies to shed light on the digitalized management and operation of tourist attractions.

“Before covid-19, tourism accounted for 11% of China’s GDP. Due to its excessive dependence on off-line scenarios, tourism has become one of the hardest-hit sectors. To help the industry build more resilience, a new educational technology platform to help foster talents in tourism digitalization is needed,” said Mrs. Chen Meiyan, Vice President of Joyu Group, whose opinion drew the approval of on site audience.

What’s more, to help more insiders get access to this conference, the event was broadcast live online, nabbing over 130,000 Total Views!

It has been a very unusual year for the amusement and tourism industry, yet AAA has done its best to deliver a wonderful show for its attendees as always! Sincere thanks for your constant support! AAA 2021 will see you again next May 10th-12th, at China Import & Export Fair Complex!

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