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Mermaid Fantasy Machine Gameplay - Fish Hunting Video Remption Game

Added: 21-Apr-16
Running Time: 16:51
Views: 7017 Total
Mermaid Fantasy has just arrived, suitable for all venues including ticket redemption stores, sweepstakes venues and gaming locations.

Mermaid Fantasy is a fresh new video redemption game lets you hunt fish, mermaids, and other exotic sea creature for a cash reward!

Gameplay is simple! Buy credits with cash, set how many credits each shot of your cannon uses, and uses the cannon to hunt fish! When you capture a sea creature, you earn more credits! Cannons can operate in two ways, player aim, or target lock aim - for those fish that are being blocked from player aim by other sea creatures.

There are tonnes of features in this machine too! Capture the special mermaids for a big jackpot reward! Collect five treasure chests to activate golden feature, where you earn credits each time you press the shoot button in a short time frame! Catch the laser crab for a powerful one-shot laser cannon, which catches any fish in its path, for a huge cash reward! Catch the bomb crab to explode your enemies, and rake in those credits!

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