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Everyone Wins Jnr

Everyone Wins Jnr
Product Details
Manufacturer :Win n Grin Amusements Pty Ltd
Year Released :2003
Category :Crane Machines

About Everyone Wins Jnr

This game takes the normal plush machine to a new level. With striking graphic presentation and WGA reliability, this game will add value for your customers.

It has two crane gantry combination, with two areas for holding stock. A large area for plush toys, and a smaller area for the consolation prize. The idea of this crane is to give the customer a prize, even if unsuccessful in winning a plush prize.

Game play involves the customer playing to win a plush toy. If successful, the game is over. However if unsuccessful, a secondary crane allows them to play for a prize. The secondary crane gives them several attempts to win and game over is not complete without them winning a prize from this area. This secondary prize value is usually about 10cents maximum, and may be cheap sweets.

This game has a proven track record for player appeal and reliability. The customer will not walk away from the game without winning something.

Everyone Wins Jnr        


Product Database
Product Name :Everyone Wins Jnr
Category Type :Crane Machines
Manufacturer :Win n Grin Amusements Pty Ltd
Year Of Release :2003
Product Size :Width: 90.0 cm
Depth: 75.0 cm
Height: 197.0 cm
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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