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Gauntlet Legends

Gauntlet Legends
Product Details
Manufacturer :Atari Games
Year Released :2001
Category :Video Games

About Gauntlet Legends

"Gauntlet Legends" is a 4 player station game that has four characters to choose from. The objective is to work your way through four different worlds, discovering secrets and collecting power-ups and earning points. There are five boss characters to do battle with along with over 50 unique other enemies.

Combining the best of the original with new features designed to mesmerize a new generation of fans, Gauntlet Legends is one of the freshest arcade games in years. Gauntlet Legends will usher in a new wave of classic arcade video gaming!

The basic play of Gauntlet Legends is similar to the original. Up to four players at a time can explore the worlds, facing hordes of monsters, searching for treasure, avoiding traps, picking up and using magic, and making their way to the exits. In addition, players now have bosses to contend with, runestones to find, experience levels to boost, puzzles to solve, tons of new power-ups to discover, and a complete storyline to enjoy.

Product Details for Gauntlet Legends

  • 39" cabinet also available H83 X W48 X D59 inches
  • H211 X W122 X D150 weight 690lbs(314kgs)
  • 8 characters - Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, and Archer plus 4 alternates
  • 30 huge levels filled with traps, puzzles, and power-ups
  • Characters use basic and combo moves, projectiles, magic, and power-ups
  • 35 different power-ups add tremendous variety
  • Huge variety of monster types with 50 basic beasts and 5 bosses
  • Character attributes improve the more they are played, from level 1 to 99
  • Save characters to return and build Legends!

Product Database
Product Name :Gauntlet Legends
Category Type :Video Games
Style :Action / Adventure Games
Manufacturer :Atari Games
Year Of Release :2001
Product Size :Width: 92.7 cm
Depth: 112.0 cm
Height: 207.0 cm
PCB Type :Atari Vegas
Controller Type :Joystick
No Of Joysticks :4
No Of Buttons :12
Screen Size :27" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Screen Resolution :Medium (25kHz)
Gameplay :Co-operative Play
No. Of Players :4

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