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Goldzone Medal Machine

Goldzone Medal Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Benchmark Games
Year Released :2007
Category :Ticket Redemption Machines

About Goldzone Medal Machine

Goldzone is a medal, ticket redemption machine from Benchmark Games which has a unique skill-based gameplay concept is reminiscent of pushers, but reaches all new levels of skill and challenge. Huge coin pile-ups are the key to Goldzone.

The entire vividly coloured circular gamefield rotates, which is an enticing visual treat, and which enhances the motion and action of the tokens. As the coins/tokens pile up, the inevitable result is fast coin play.

The entire circular gamefield rotates and players test their skills by dropping coins/tokens down a brightly coloured ramp, aiming to pile coins over the edge. Falling coins register as redemption tickets for payout.

Excitement and anticipation build as coins move toward the edge, where the pile grows higher and higher until mountains of coins tumble. There's also an exciting 4-digit Progressive Jackpot at each of the stations. This increments with each inserted coin/token, then is awarded in tickets when a coin falls.

Goldzone is a surefire power attraction. With a sleekly styled cabinet and a large colorful backlit marquee, this big earner attracts and keeps loyal players.

Product Details for Goldzone Medal Machine

  • Large colorful backlit marquee
  • Also available as 2, 3 & 6 player versions

  • 3 Player
Dimensions Set Up
84.00" W (2134mm)
30.00" D (762mm)
71.00" H (1804mm)

  • 2 Player
Dimensions Set Up:
56" W (1423mm)
30" D (762mm)
71" H (1804mm)

Product Database
Product Name :Goldzone Medal Machine
Category Type :Ticket Redemption Machines
Manufacturer :Benchmark Games
Year Of Release :2007
Product Size :Width: 73.7 cm
Depth: 76.2 cm
Height: 175.3 cm
Product Weight :89.1 kg
Linking :Yes
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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