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Just The Ticket

Just The Ticket
Product Details
Manufacturer :Maygay Machines Ltd
Year Released :2002
Category :AWP / SWP

About Just The Ticket

Just The Ticket is an AWP loosely based on the theme of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Access to the main feature game is via 3 overprinted symbols on the reels that appear in view. Each symbol appearing on the win line will award the player an extra Golden ticket at the start of the feature.

All 3 on the winline will activate the top board feature and give 3 golden tickets start. Once access to the feature is awarded the player advances around a lap board containing 25 positions.

Each feature has 3 different colour bulbs in it. Blue, Yellow and a Red. All the features light up mostly blue at the start of the feature. If the player lands on a feature and does not collect it, that feature will then turn yellow, if the next time the feature is landed on it is still not collected then the feature will turn red. Blue features are normal, Yellow features are enhanced and red features are mega.

Above the lap game is a pot containing 16 stages. This pot is activated by way of landing on the activate position on the board. Once active the player Hi-lo's up this board. If the feature is super or mega, the pot advances 2 or 3 respectively. If the player collects the feature knockouts, then the shots are on the current state of the features. If super ko's awarded, the features that are not super will turn super. Any mega features will remain mega. If the player collects mega feature shots then all of the features turn mega.

Just The Ticket Just The Ticket      

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Product Database
Product Name :Just The Ticket
Category Type :AWP / SWP
Manufacturer :Maygay Machines Ltd
Year Of Release :2002
Product Size :Width: 66.0 cm
Depth: 67.0 cm
Height: 178.0 cm

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