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U2 Mirage

U2 Mirage
Product Details
Manufacturer :FX Simulation Ltd (UK)
Year Released :1997
Category :Simulators

About U2 Mirage

The U2 Mirage is a 2-seater simulator. The machine has a small price, footprint and running cost, with high return, reliability and lifespan.

It features a fully darkened enclosure, gull-wing doors, hydraulic motion base, coin operated and a choice of six rides guaranteeing repeat business.

Product Details for U2 Mirage

  • Fully darkened enclosure
  • Gull-wing doors
  • Hydraulic motion base
  • Coin operated
  • Choice of six rides


  • The simulator requires a 3-phase supply which is 380V-415V (3 phases + neutral + earth) at 16A per phase 50Hz. The connector supplied with the simulators mates with a 32A (3 pole + neutral + earth) industrial socket.


  • The internal display consists of wide screen format 36" SVHS monitor. The external display is a 14" monitor situated in the point of sale unit.


  • Surround sound through front and rear speakers with sub woofer.


  • Hydraulic powered R1CO motion base provides three degrees of freedom on three axis. The three degrees of freedom are pitch, heave and roll.


  • The simulator weighs 1014 kg. However when sited the weight will be multiplied by three due to the force of motion.


Length : 3996 mm Width : 2997 mm Height : 2991 mm

Product Database
Product Name :U2 Mirage
Category Type :Simulators
Manufacturer :FX Simulation Ltd (UK)
Year Of Release :1997
Product Size :Width: 300.0 cm
Depth: 400.0 cm
Height: 220.0 cm

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