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Pump it Up: NX

Pump it Up: NX
Product Details
Manufacturer :Andamiro
Year Released :2006
Category :Music Machines

About Pump it Up: NX

Pump it Up NX (New Xenesis) is the 19th arcade game release in the Pump it Up series. New features include a brand new interface, 29 new songs, and the introduction of "Special Station" - a new dedicated area for all nonstop remixes, long versions, and Another mode stepcharts.

All of Pump it Up Zero's Another songs have also been moved to the Special Zone. Most of the unlocks however, depend on playing through World Tour mode

Pump it Up NX is available in two different configurations, the SD type cabinet with a 34" CRT display, and the "FX" type cabinet which features a 42" plasma display.

Product Details for Pump it Up: NX

New Interface
  • BGA Preview: You can preview when selecting a song
  • You can select your Mode and Channel on the same screen
  • Split Mode Decision: Players of different skill levels can play together using difference modes
  • Priority arrangement for new songs: You can select new songs easily because they are shown first
  • Strengthened Convenience: You can see all information for selection time, Modes and songs on same screen
  • Compatible with mk6 and mk5 main boxes

Strengthened Functions
  • Various Step Patterns: Up to 1,00 step patterns are provided
  • New and Improved Modes for More Fun:
  • World Tour Station: Conquer the missions of the world cities
  • Another step, remix songs and various missions provided
  • Internet Ranking
  • Strengthened Step: well-arranged steps for more fun
  • Reward System: total 50 hidden items that appear, according to game play
  • Another Step: additional 30 steps for PIU speeder fanatics, Another Channel does not appear initially
  • Mission System: New ways to play, via special challenges for players

Fitness Result
  • After game over, calorie consumption and fitness chart will be shown
  • Oxygen Intake (VO2): Oxygen intake is the amount of oxygen being able to breath per minute - You can check its relationship to pulse rate, respiration rate and lung stamina

Training Station
  • Training: Beginner's who don't know how to play Pump it Up NX can easily play and learn from the beginning
  • Lesson System: Each lesson has 3 songs. Beginner to advanced player can enjoy playing and increase their level through practice and repetition
  • Teacher Demonstration: Step together with the on-screen teacher

Easy Station for New Players
  • Easy Station: simple interface and new, easy steps
  • Interface Explanation: includes how to play for Arcade Station and Easy Station
  • How to Play: you can choose "How to Play" on one stage of Easy Station. You can also practice with detailed explanation

World Tour Station
  • There are a total of 192 missions in 64 cities
  • Featuring more rewards than previous versions
  • New steps exclusive to NX Version

Special Zone
  • Remix and Another Step: More fun and more challenges
  • Full Song: You can play the original version of the full song

Pump it Up: Fiesta  
Product Database
Product Name :Pump it Up: NX
Category Type :Music Machines
Style :Music Games
Manufacturer :Andamiro
Year Of Release :2006
Controller Type :Dance Pad
Screen Size :34" Screen
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Linking :No
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :2

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