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Tekken 4

Tekken 4
Product Details
Manufacturer :Namco Limited
Year Released :2001
Category :Video Games

About Tekken 4

Two years ago, Heihachi failed to capture Ogre. Not willing to give up, Heihachi ordered his researchers to collect blood samples, skin tissue, and hoof fragments left behind by Ogre (or known as True Ogre in its true manifestation) in order to conduct genetic experiments. Heihachi's goal was to create a new life form by splicing Ogre's genome with his own. However, the research was unsuccessful.

The Tekken series returns for a fifth installment. The game centers around the 4th King of Iron Fist Tournament. Many improvements have been made for this version both graphically and gameplay wise, including the introduction of players being able to use the walls and other obstacles for both offensive and defensive moves.

Unlike the previous version of the game, Tekken 4 allows the players more freedom in movement around the arena. The game still keeps the same basics of the other versions of the game including a initial set of characters be selectable and the rest being time released. From 10 initial characters to a total of 20.

Tekken 4 also see the return of Kazuya, who was killed by his father Heihachi 20 years ago has been resurrected in G Corporation's research facility. The Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 and placed the massive financial empire as the top prize. The champion who manages to defeat Heihachi at the end of the Tournament would inherit the Mishima Zaibatsu. Well aware that the tournament is just a trap designed to lure him out, Kazuya nevertheless enters - it is his chance to defeat Heihachi.

Product Details for Tekken 4

  • Designed for new Jamma standard

Product Database
Product Name :Tekken 4
Category Type :Video Games
Style :Fighting Games
Manufacturer :Namco Limited
Year Of Release :2001
PCB Type :Namco System 246
Controller Type :Joystick
No Of Joysticks :1
No Of Buttons :4
Jamma Wiring :Yes
Screen Orientation :Horizontal
Gameplay :Single Play & Versus Play
No. Of Players :2

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