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Time Crisis 4 SD Arcade Machine

Time Crisis 4 SD Arcade Machine
Product Details
Manufacturer :Namco Limited
Year Released :2006
Category :Shooting Games

About Time Crisis 4 SD Arcade Machine

Time Crisis 4 SD arcade machine is a standard version of the shooting style, arcade game machine from Namco. The celebrated pedal and weapon interface returns as TC4 smashes onto screens in one of the arcade sector's most successful shooting game series.

Time Crisis 4 features System Super 256 cinematic battle sequences, cut-scene and real-time graphics, independent speakers for voice and sound, and an improved easy-grip controller for quick, responsive gun play.

TC4 features an immersive, voice navigation system, which allows in-game characters to talk directly to the player and submerging them deep in a compelling storyline with advice on tactical response and weapon selection.

There's also an arsenal of new weapons, ranging from the pistol, rifle, machine gun and the devastating bio weapon 'The Terror Bite'. TC4 is enhanced even further using, for the first time, Multi-Screen Battle technology. This allows players to change their scene perspective and develop their own unique, evolving TC4 strategy.

Product Details for Time Crisis 4 SD Arcade Machine

  • Voice navigation
  • Independent voice speaker
  • System Super 256
  • Multi screen battle

  • Time Crisis 4 DX Arcade Machine  
    Product Database
    Product Name :Time Crisis 4 SD Arcade Machine
    Category Type :Shooting Games
    Style :Gun Shooting Games
    Manufacturer :Namco Limited
    Year Of Release :2006
    Product Size :Width: 157.0 cm
    Depth: 166.0 cm
    Height: 220.0 cm
    Product Weight :383 kg
    PCB Type :Namco System Super 256
    Controller Type :Gun
    Force Feedback :Force Feedback
    Screen Size :29" Screen
    Screen Orientation :Horizontal
    Linking :No
    No. Of Players :2

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