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TsuMo (Tsunami Motion)

TsuMo (Tsunami Motion)
Product Details
Manufacturer :Tsunami Visual Technologies
Year Released :2001
Category :Simulators

About TsuMo (Tsunami Motion)

A large motion based simulator for use with a variety of video games. The simulator contains a motion base and display cabinet. Its Software system supports both interactive games and passive motion rides. This fully interactive, coin-operated motion simulator with a full six degrees of motion immerses players into the game with real time simulation of motion, stunning graphics and authentic audio.

Currently available in Deluxe and Junior models, both models are displayed in the screenshots section along with a assortment of software titles available for the unit.

Product Details for TsuMo (Tsunami Motion)

  • Available in 50" or 39" display.
  • Acrylic ball around motion base available in blue or red.
  • Surround sound.
  • PC Based arcade machine.
  • Full 6 degree of freedom motion
  • Powered by electric motors.
  • Player-selectable multi-game menu puts control into the hands of the player.
  • Player-selectable multi-game menu.
  • Operators choose which titles will be displayed in the multi-game selection screen.
  • New games and motion rides can be purchased and uploaded onto Tsumo via CD-Rom upgrades.
  • Customizable content controls maximize earnings for your location.

Product Database
Product Name :TsuMo (Tsunami Motion)
Category Type :Simulators
Manufacturer :Tsunami Visual Technologies
Year Of Release :2001
Controller Type :Joystick
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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