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AMI Entertainment Announce NGX Curve, Their Newest Jukebox

NGX Curve Cabinet
NGX Curve Cabinet
AMI Entertainment have announced the release of their newest jukebox, the NGX Curve, which will begin shipping in mid-October. It has been dubbed as their "most visually captivating jukebox to date".

The latest innovation from AMI offers a stunning arc design and mesmerizing light show to keep visitors coming back for more. The NGX Curve features a petite, curvy frame that is small enough to fit on any wall, without taking up large amount of space a regular jukebox does. It also includes a dual-screen display and millions of songs, albums, and music videos to "deliver non-stop, revenue-generating entertainment".

The result, AMI says, is a "mesmerizing lightshow guaranteed to delight and entertain patrons." There's also a dual-screen display that helps deliver the audio-visual experience. The music video on-demand feature allows access to the full AMI library of over 25,000 music videos; new ones are added weekly.


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