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Big Buck World Championship 2015 Winners

Big Buck World Championship 2015 Winners
Big Buck World Championship 2015 Winners
The Big Buck World Championships 2015 were hosted this past weekend, drawing around a thousand people to Chicago, Ill. Since 2008, the championship has been continuing to grow, and this year by far exceeded previous years in size, prize money and overall outreach.

Trev Gartner was crowned the World Champion, making him the first person to win the championships twice. Alongside the countless accolades and a massive trophy, Gartner won $15,000. Sara Erlandson won the Ladies Tournament for the fourth time since the tournaments beginning. Erlandson has won over $19,000 over the years.

However, the biggest news of the championship was its unprecedented success online. Tournament organizers worked closely with Twitch.tv to open up the championships to a worldwide audience. This successful partnership resulted in over 200,000 viewers!

"It was definitely the biggest tournament so far," said Jessica Petro, Social Media and PR Coordinator at Play Mechanix. "Twitch gets viewers from around the world, not necessarily areas where there's a Big Buck HD in their local bar. Interacting with them online was interesting to say the least."

Congratulations to Gartner and Erlandson on their big wins and we look forward to next year’s tournament.

Big Buck World Championship 2015 Winners        
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