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Leaked Famitsu Issue Reveals New Dissidia Final Fantasy Details

Leaked Famitsu Issue Reveals New Dissidia Final Fantasy Details
Leaked Famitsu Issue Reveals New Dissidia Final Fantasy Details
Last week Japanese magazine Famitsu had its upcoming issue leaked, which confirmed additional details about Dissidia Final Fantasy and a translation of the coverage has been made available.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is going to feature 4 different character types under the following categories: Heavy, Shoot, Speed, and Unique, and each one comes with his or her own unique abilities.

The Heavy type’s main characteristic is a wide attack radius, such as Firion, who specializes in ground attacks. His combo system from 012 is expanded and now has a 3rd attack with three variations, and he only has one air attack which is Sword Blow. HP Attack is Lord of Arms and EX skill is Blood Weapon.

Cecil is a Heavy-type too, who can switch between Paladin and Dark Knight. Paladin is a Heavy-Speed hybrid and Dark Knight is a Heavy-Shoot hybrid. His EX is Job change, which allows him to gain extra stats for brief periods of time. The Paladin has three air braves and one ground attack, and Dark Knight has three ground attacks and one air.

The Unique type is somebody that doesn’t belong to any of the above, such as Bartz from Final Fantasy V, where each of his moves represents a Job like in previous games. He is late-game type character, which means his early game is weak but as he masters his jobs (by using a move repetitively) the move is upgraded and he gains a special buff (i.e Dragoon’s buff is Defence Up), but HP attack doesn’t give a buff. His Jobs are Monk, Dragoon, Black Mage, Mystic Knight, Blue Mage, Hunter, Ninja, and Samurai. His EX Skill is Lucky Charm and gives his buffs to his allies.

Speed is all about dexterity and high mobility, while the Shoot type is expert with long range attacks. Each character has 1 HP attack at first but earns more as you level up. All summons have a bonus effect, for example Ifrit is Attack up, Shiva is Base Brave Up, and Ramuh is EX Skill Recharge up.

Square Enix has announced Dissidia Final Fantasy will launch in Japanese arcades on November 26. The company is currently taking applications through the Final Fantasy Portal app for a pre-play event at its Tokyo headquarters, the cut-off date for which is October 30, and the pre-play events will be held on November 14 and 15.

Check out some new screenshots from the game below.


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