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Blackjack Switch Mississippi Bound

Blackjack Switch Mississippi Bound
Blackjack Switch Mississippi Bound
Blackjack Switch goes from success to success in the US market with the recent announcement of licence approval in Mississippi. Managing Director of Customized Casino Games and inventor of the game, Geoff Hall said, "We have had some very keen interest in Mississippi and this latest news now means customers can offer their players what is fast becoming a very viable alternative to standard Blackjack." This comment is not based on supposition as the game is just coming to the end of a very successful field trial in Las Vegas with a final approval hearing set for its Nevada licence in May.

"The game has been trialled in ‘The 4 Queens' and the reports have been consistently excellent. Player participation is at 90% which views extremely favourably against the 60% enjoyed by their traditional Blackjack tables. Blackjack Switch has actually made more profit, pro rata, since it's installation than the regular Blackjack, which is a tremendous feat considering it's newness in the American market," Mr Hall said.

The appeal of playing two hands of Blackjack simultaneously with the option to switch the second card between hands has served to intrigue both core and casual players alike. On many occasions players have been queuing to play the game rather than opt to play on a traditional Blackjack table. Furthermore, ‘The 4 Queens' has received emails from delighted visitors who have remarked on how much enjoyment they have had with their new addition to the gaming floor.

Mr Hall expects the game to be awarded a full licence in May and this will pave the way for Casinos in the city who have shown interest to add it to their Table portfolio. These Casinos include The MGM Grand, The Palms, Paris and The Rampart among others. All eyes are on the games success throughout the US with California being lined up for several installations and Atlantic City Casinos also showing a keen interest. For further details on Blackjack Switch contact Geoff Hall on +44 121 604 7453 or e-mail geoff@blackjackswitch.com.


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