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Good Business Opportunities at Australian Amusement & Vending Trade Expo

Good Business Opportunities at Australian Amusement & Vending Trade Expo
Good Business Opportunities at Australian Amusement & Vending Trade Expo
The 2004 Amusement & Vending Trade Expo will be host to Australia's top distributors showing an extensive range of products for the coin-op industry such as counting mechanisms, jukeboxes, music, toys, spare parts, vending and amusement machines and everything in between including arcade machines by the industry's leading manufacturers Sega, Konami and Sammy. The show is organised by the Australian Vending Association Inc. (AVA) and the Australian National Amusement Machine Operators Association Inc. (NAMOA) and will run from 7 - 8 May, at the Southee Pavilion at RAS Homebush, Sydney Olympic Park in NSW, Australia.

John Buis, General Manager of Wurlitzer Australia said this year would be the company's first time exhibiting at the Amusement & Vending Trade Expo. At the show Wurlitzer will present its snack and drink vending machines, and the Wurlitzer jukebox, all manufactured by its German plants. "We're looking forward to it," Mr Buis said. "It's not only a great opportunity to display our products, but also an opportunity to meet some of the key people in the industry."

Dennis McGrath, Managing Director of Amarda Distributing said, "We had an extremely good response from the show when we attended last year, so of course, we are delighted to be attending again this year." Amarda will be displaying two digital jukeboxes – one, a brand new floor model to premiere at the show, and the second, a popular wall mount jukebox.

AMD's Vince Ditton said this year the company would be displaying the latest products from Incredible Technologies including the Golden Tee Fore! 2005 update, Big Buck Hunter II, and a new bowling game. Incredible Technologies international marketing manager, Bob Fay, will be another attraction to the AMD stand during the show. Also on display with AMD will be Stern's new Ripley's Believe It Or Not pinball machine, and Leisure and Allied Industry's latest games. LAI General Manager Alan Freimuth and a Stern representative will be available at the AMD booth. "Visitors to this show are not only going to see some great products - they will also have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with some of the people they deal with – but don't see that often," Mr Ditton said.

Highway Entertainment Managing Director Steve Josifovski said his company would be exhibiting Sammy's new Ranger Mission, Uniana's Treasure Ship and a number of surprises. "Unfortunately we missed every trade show last year, so we are very much looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Australian Expo," Mr Josifovski said. "This show will offer a very wide variety of products from Europe, Asia and USA – from arcade and redemption machines, to spare parts and vending, so I believe there should be something for everyone."

Zak Athanasiadis, Managing Director of Zax Amusements said the company would be showing the latest Sega, Namco, Konami, Sammy, Merit, Global VR, Wells Gardner Electronics and Team Play products at the Amusement & Vending Trade Expo. Special guests at the Zax Amusements stand will include Lou Rudolph from Global VR and Brian Fitzpatrick of Merit Industries. Mr Athanasiadis said the Amusement & Vending Trade Expo is an important event for the industry. "The fact that this trade show will be host to products from some of the best manufacturers in the amusement industry makes it a must-attend trade show."

Director of Big Top, Andrew Saava said he is looking forward to attending the show this year. "The show is going to be fantastic, and everyone in the coin-op industry should be there to take advantage of the great business opportunities that come with a show of this calibre." Big Top will be showing arcade machines by Sega, Namco and Konami, the latest in coin mechanism programming devices, spare parts, toys and redemption machines. Mr Saava said that even though last year's show was successful - with a "great turn out", this year's show will be even bigger and better. "This year the size of the exhibition space and number of exhibitors attending has doubled."

For show attendees, a product to look out is the innovative take away shop in a vending machine, which is rumoured to make an appearance. The vending machine builds on the recently introduced pie-vending concept however; from this single machine, a consumer will be able to purchase up to 20 different take away products. For more information and to register for the show click this link.


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