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Colorado Department of Transport Warns Smokers Against Driving High with Arcades in Pot Shops

Colorado Warns Smokers Against Driving High with Arcade Machine
Colorado Warns Smokers Against Driving High with Arcade Machine
Since the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, there has been in spike in people driving while high. To mitigate this issue the Department of Transport has put fake arcade games with warnings to smokers in pot shops.

As part of the states' "Drive High, Get a DUI" campaign, officials are trying to come up with effective ways of getting the message across that driving stoned is not just unacceptable and dangerous, but illegal.

The state’s Department of Transportation is publicizing that message ahead of the April 20 (4/20) celebrations in the state by installing a fake driving game called 'End Game' at various marijuana dispensaries. It is styled like a retro-gaming upright arcade cabinet.

So far ten Denver dispensaries feature the game where it initially seems like just another racing adventure, until a public service announcement pops up to remind players that driving while stoned is illegal.

The campaign was started because the CDOT believes 20% of drivers who use marijuana in Colorado are unaware that they can get a DUI while driving stoned. Another 50% admit to having driven high — and some of them may gave gotten caught, as 12% of the Colorado State Patrol’s DUIs in 2014 related to pot.

“I don’t think people really realize that you can become just as impaired, it’s just as dangerous, when you drive high verses after consuming a few beers,” Sam Cole with CDOT said.

In additional efforts to spread the message, CDOT is partnering with Yellow Cab for the 4/20 event in downtown Denver, to have a Cannabis Quiz Cab driving people around.

“When folks get in the cab, they’re going to be asked questions about the dangers of marijuana and driving. For each question they get correct they’ll get a credit for a future ride,” Cole said.

This is great idea for combating the rising problem of drivers driving undfer the influence, though the initiative is still new, so it will be a case of wait and see to determine it's effectiveness.


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