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Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Receives New Tutorial Video

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade
Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade
Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, the new entry of the series launching this year in Japanese arcades, has received a new tutorial video.

The video is a player walkthrough of the game controls and various gameplay mechanics in the Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade version. This follows the very recent game announcement, which unleashed a huge amount of information about the game including characters, updates, controllers, development, etc.

The video is only available in Japanese, but it’s not overly difficult to follow what’s going on in the game. It will be much easier for PS players to follow as they will be much more familiar with the controls from playing other entries from the series.

Dissidia Final Fantasy will be released later this year in Japanese arcades, though it doesn't look like fans will be too wanting in the lead up with the scale and regularity of updates from Square Enix. The console release of the game has yet to be officially confirmed.

Here is the tutorial video below, courtesy of Square Enix:



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