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DDR A20 & WACCA Come to the US thanks to Round 1 USA

DDR A20 Gold Cabinets are sure to excite fans of the series.
DDR A20 Gold Cabinets are sure to excite fans of the series.
DDR 20th Anniversary Gold Cabinets are coming soon to Round 1 USA. These DDR Ace Gold Cabinets are an exclusive to Round 1 and are bound to excite all fans of the DDR franchise. WACCA, a new arcade game announced by Marvelous (in cooperation with HARD-CORE TANO*C) is also expected to be coming. Not much is known about the specific for Round 1 USA, but more announcements will be coming soon.

The DDR A20 was announced at the 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship finals for the Dance Dance Revolution A to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. The new cabinet design is based on DANCERUSH's cabinet, but is coloured gold and contains exclusive features like Dancemania song remixes (advertised as "Legend Licenses"), nonstop and class courses and Golden League. With the exception of Floor Infection, all previous unlocks from DDR A are now available by default as well.

WACCA is a rhythm game in the shape of a circle, similar to Sega's Maimai, but with gameplay like Chunithm. Players use a circular touch panel surrounding a circular screen to tap, hold and swipe the notes that appear when they reach the appropriate position.



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