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Little Big Adventures Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Symphonic Suite Kickstarter

Little Big Adventures Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Symphonic Suite Kickstarter
Little Big Adventures Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Symphonic Suite Kickstarter
International record label Wayô Records is pleased to present a special 25th anniversary celebration of the cult classic Little Big Adventure with an all-new Little Big Adventure Symphonic Suite Kickstarter campaign. Teaming up with original composer Philippe Vachey and the game's co-creators, this ambitious project will revisit all of the key moments from the games and their beloved soundtracks with an all-new live symphonic album and full soundtrack releases for both Little Big Adventure titles. The release is planned for digital and limited edition CD and vinyl formats:

"I am very glad to be able to announce this musical project, for which I am currently finishing the new arrangement and orchestration of the music from Little Big Adventure 1 and 2, that I wished to give a new form," comments composer Philippe Vachey. "Very soon, we will launch the finalization of this beautiful production in Lyon and Paris (France), with the participation of the best professionals in the music industry. I think it will sounds great and we look forward to your support. I hope to see you all very soon!"

With a modest funding goal of just $27,908 to bring this project to life and digital copies of the symphonic suite starting at just 15 Euros, the Little Big Adventure Symphonic Suite will be funded in no time. Additional reward tiers include physical CDs for 25 Euros, vinyl for 49 Euros, and physical scrolls, music boxes, and experiences with the creative team available at higher support tiers. Stretch goals include the addition of live choir, a livestream of the orchestral performance, and even an additional jazz album. The campaign will run for 40 days starting May 20, 2019.

Follow the Little Big Adventure Symphonic Suite campaign on Kickstarter and Facebook.

About Little Big Adventure
Developed by Adeline Software International and released in 1994 (Little Big Adventure) on PC and later on the PlayStation and other platforms, and in 1997 (Little Big Adventure 2) on PC only, both games received critical acclaim at the time for their beautiful storytelling and memorable cast of characters. Little Big Adventure sold over 500,000 units by August 1999 and continues to appear on listings of the best PC games of all time and has enjoyed re-release on modern platforms for a new generation of gamers to delve into the magical world of Twinsun.

About Wayô Records
Established in 2010 in Paris, Wayô Records is the very first French label dedicated to the promotion of music from video games and visual arts in France. Led by a team of game music enthusiasts already specialised in event planning, editing, journalism, translation and music, Wayô aims to bridge a link between artists and fans from all around the world.



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