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Doe of the Dead Zombie Game Featured in New Big Buck HD Wild Update

Doe fo the Dead - Big Buck HD Wild Update
Doe fo the Dead - Big Buck HD Wild Update
In 2015, Play Mechanix will be releasing a Big Buck Hunter update, titled Big Buck HD Wild. This update for next year was revealed during the live streaming of the Big Buck World Championships, held in New York, and includes loads of new content for players to drool over.

In this update "Big Buck is sending you to the mountains, to the deserts, to the past, and to your worst nightmare" with three new animal adventures plus a a whole new game to play! In the new animal adventures, players will head to the hills to hunt the Bighorn Sheep, to the plains and sand of Africa to hunt Gemsbok, and to 9000BC to hunt the prehistoric Irish Elk!

In all three adventures there will also be new dangerous trophy animals, new high stakes add-on tournaments to make competitive play even more exciting, heaps of new mini-games to enjoy, and lower entry for showdown - so players pay less to play. Players will also be able to finally put their buck points to good use in the all-new online store.

"You've hunted bucks... you've hunted ducks... but will you be ready for the undead?"

The other exciting feature of the update is the new zombie themed game, titled Just in Case of Zombies: Doe of the Dead. In this game you team up with a professional zombie exterminator who is at Pa's farm with you to help take care of the zombie problem. Experience the world of big buck in the midst of a horrifying zombie outbreak, where everyone and every animal is a zombie!

The game will have all kinds of zombiefied people and animals up for shooting, including, elks, does, racoons, chickens (yes, chickens) and people - lots of hungry, scary undead people! The game will also introduce new play mechanics from what can be seen in the video (SPOILER: you may have to use your hands as well as a gun!).

You can check out the video below, the 2015 updates start at around the 11:42 min mark:



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