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Dragon Slayer a lure for fish hunters

Dragon Slayer is a new fish hunting game
Dragon Slayer is a new fish hunting game
Fish hunters looking for new waters to immerse themselves in can do so with Dragon Slayer.

Dragon Slayer is a new video redemption fish hunting game where up to eight players hunt for different types of fish.

Using their guns and features available through the main gameplay, players shoot fish to earn points.

At the end of the game, these points turn into winnings.

High definition graphics and the game’s high quality ocean background will give players the feeling they’re really hunting fish, making them enjoy the game more than before.

There are 27 fish characters in Dragon Slayer, including seven “boss” characters which are worth more points.

The boss characters include: Crab Overlords, Prehistoric Crocodile, Deep-Sea Monster, Phoenix, Tiger, Monkey King and Dragon Overlord.

Dragon Overloard is the game’s ultimate prize – it is worth the most amount of points.

The main Dragon Slayer gameplay is layered with features. There are 12 features players can use in the main Dragon Slayer gameplay to help them capture and shoot fish.

Dragon Slayer is easy to play and suitable for all skill levels – beginners to the game or experiences players.



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