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Sega’s best arcade games headed to Amusement Expo

Sega will be showing its hit games at Amusement Expo International
Sega will be showing its hit games at Amusement Expo International
Visitors to Sega’s booth at Amusements Expo International will be able to experience some of the best video arcade and ticket redemption products the industry has to offer this year.

Sega will be set up in booth 231 at the expo, which will be held at the Dallas Convention Center, Texas, on March 15-16.

Sega maintains its lead as a premier video game manufacturer with the launch of Daytona Championship USA.

Daytona stole the show at IAAPA with its brand new cabinet design that stands far above the rest by featuring two monitors one for the player and other for spectators.

The 47” LED, High Definition, 60 frame per second monitor delivers a crisp image making the racing action vivid and thrilling.

Beautifully lit from top to bottom, the cabinet even has a moulded under seat engine that commands players attention in any location.

The all-new face recognition camera provides a live in-game feed that stays focussed on the player face even if they move in the seat.

The brand new Live TV-inspired spectator 27” video billboard marque allows spectators to see what’s happening in the race, whether it’s a crash, a pass for position or to find out who’s winning or losing.

Staying true to its origins Daytona has exceptionally great game handling, amazing ‘AI’ and ‘catch up’ delivers a truly exciting fun experience for both a casual and pro gamer.

The game features three brand new tracks including a recreation of the newly renovated Daytona International Speedway.

In addition, the original three classic courses are remastered for the modern era. New cars and new game modes bring more for players; old and new to experience.

Operators will love the all-new party mode, which allows them to run special events easily.

Also to assist engineers, there is the introduction of ‘Sega-IQ Intelligent Service Menus’ these are designed to offer prompts and troubleshooting advice when the onsite technician is maintaining the game.

Other games that will be on show:

Target Bravo: Operation Ghost

A brand new two-player game brought to life in a 55” atmospheric theatre cabinet. Players are put in the shoes of a highly trained Special Forces agent. Then using precision shooting, quick reactions and brand new tools at their disposal - players must complete their missions. With new weapons, gadgets and equipment, Target Bravo: Operation Ghost also allows players to start at any stage of the game, thereby encouraging them to come back and play their favourite stages again and again!

Let’s Go Island Dream Edition

A reimagined game that is a follow-up to Sega’s number one action adventure game Let's Go Jungle. With Let’s Go Island Dream Edition players are on a South Pacific island diving tour and soon end up in trouble with dastardly pirates. Players must work together to survive everything the island has to throw at them. The huge 55” screen, rapid-fire gameplay and brand new family fun dream motion seat all combine to make Let’s Go Island Dream Edition a fun adventure game.

Sega will also have its recent hit video games Luigi’s Mansion Arcade and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games arcade edition.

Both the games have dominated the video games scene lately with great earning potential for operators.

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade

Players guide clumsy Luigi through huge ghost-infested mansions on an action-packed ghost hunt. Flash your Strobulb at the ghosts to stop them in their tracks and use the Poltergust 5000 to vacuum up the stunned ghost's energy. Once the number above the ghost head reaches zero, he goes bye-bye!

All the action takes place in an attractive theatre-style 2-player cabinet with loads of LED accent lighting, featuring a bench seat, a 55” HD monitor, true 5.1 surround sound, and a back window so bystanders can get a peek at the action without interrupting the players in the game.

The interior of the cabinet is over 6 feet high making it comfortable for most players to stand up while playing and that is a good thing; with action this fast and frantic, it will be hard to remain seated.

In the redemption category, Sega will exhibit Sonic Dash Extreme, Sonic Blast Ball and Magicians Wheel.

Sonic Dash Extreme

A fast paced video redemption game, which sees players control Sonic, or his friends to dash along the track to collect as many rings as possible. Quick thinking and fast reactions sees players get to the end of the track where they have to challenge the Evil Dr. Eggman to get the bonus.

Sonic Dash Extreme features amazing graphics on a huge 55" high definition vertical screen and accented with two large colours changing “Sonic Rings” on either side making Sonic Dash Extreme a stunning cabinet.

Sonic Blast Ball

A mechanical redemption game with an impressive cabinet. The vertical playfield mesmerises players as the ball whizzes around the four sides. Then by pressing the large lit button player’s open gates at the top of the playfield allowing the ball to drop into play.

The goal being to open the gates just at the right time, so the ball drops through a bonus ring that oscillates left to right in front of them. This quick, simple game appeals to all ages and is the perfect addition to any FEC or game room.

Magicians Wheel

Players use the single, large button, to drop a mechanical flapper into the path of the giant 40” spinning wheel. The flapper then slowly brings the wheel to a stop, and if the player timed the drop right, they win the bonus ticket value.

The carnival theme and sounds, its impressive size, attractive LED lighting effects, mechanical action and intuitive gameplay add up to a terrific experience.

Visitors to Sega’s stand will also get to play the Sega’s latest prize game Drop It Win It.

Also on the stand will be games for kids such as Dinosaur Catcher a colourful, fun-filled kid’s ticket redemption game; Let's Go Safari an edutainment game designed to teach kids about animals; and Hello Kitty Air Hockey designed especially for kids.


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